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Frequently asked questions
What is HABKA?
A magazine of illustrated stories that started in Libya in 2015 and is digitally published today worldwide
What are the languages used in the magazine?
The magazine is currently available in both Arabic and English.
What is the appropriate age group for the magazine's content?
The content of the magazine is appropriate for 13+.
Can I join the team?
The magazine staff is content with its current elements, but you can submit your CV with a sample of your work to "" and you will be contacted whenever there is a vacant place!
Can I post in the magazine?
Of course, we are always happy to publish the work of talent under the name of "One-shot" a story consists of one chapter. You are welcome to email them to via
How can I get the magazine?
You can purchase the magazine, via stores in Both Benghazi & Tripoli.
The current selling methods are not appropriate for me, are there other ways to buy?
We are in the process of including all payment mechanisms to suit all readers, you can suggest the appropriate payment method to you by e-mail "" and our team will study your suggestions.
How can I advertise in the magazine?
For your advertisements on the magazine or web site please contact "09xxxxxxx" or email us at "".